Less time on the computer - more time with the patient

Digital solutions is a crucial factor in the Danish municipalities to create better overview and documentation of the healthcare tasks. However, a digital solution may not take up time, that could be spent on elderly and sick citizens. A digital journal system from Systematic meets this requirement and is now applied in more than one out of three municipalizes in Denmark.

- When working with old, ill and vulnerable citizens, it’s important to focus on the citizen and spend as little time as possible looking at a screen. Therefore, Columna Cura is designed for use with the tablets that care staff often have with them when visiting citizens – but it functions just as well on a computer. We develop our solutions in close cooperation with the professionals who will be using them, and the system and the user interface are therefore the result of their input and needs, says Henrik Jespersen, Senior Group Vice President at Systematic.

Systematic’s electronic record system, Columna Cura, gives employees in the health, care and social sector access to a comprehensive digital record system, where employees can form an overview of the individual citizen’s needs and access key information – even when out on visits.  

- The solution meets our needs well, and we’re looking forward to being supported in the daily work with our citizens. Care provision is important for us. The number of elderly citizens requiring help is growing, and we always need to be considering new ways of doing things. Here, we believe Columna Cura will be a big plus, says Rikke Albrektsen, Social and Health Director at the Municipality of Frederikshavn

Frederikshavn Municipality is one of several municipalities in the Northern Region of Denmark that are using Columna Cura. More than half of the municipalities in the region use the system, and it pave the way for a rewarding collaboration that can strengthen the social area and patient and elderly care throughout the region, believes Henrik Jespersen. He is also aware that Region North Jutland possesses considerable experience with telemedical projects for which Systematic is supplying the infrastructure. And this too is supported by Systematic’s citizen and electronic health record systems.

- Our systems are designed to speak to one another, and it will promote the collaboration between the health service, the social area and the municipal care services when patients are discharged from hospital or psychiatric care for rehabilitation and support under the auspices of the municipality. At the same time, it will make patients feel part of a more holistic process, where they are at the centre. It means a lot for the municipalities that employees who are playing an important role among the most vulnerable citizens have powerful tools at their disposal to do their work,” says Henrik Jespersen.

About Columna Cura

The solution which the Municipality of Frederikshavn has purchased is called the Columna

Cura Suite, which comprises four modules:

Cura Care for healthcare employees: Helps employees allocate and give the citizen the right care and treatment while ensuring correct and usable documentation.

Cura Social for the social area: Supports core tasks within the authority which it carries out in relation to vulnerable and disabled adults.

Cura Housing: Helps to ensure that employees can find suitable housing or accommodation for citizens in the municipality. 

Cura BI: Provides an overview of data across multiple levels, thereby supporting the planning and optimisation of working processes in the organisation. Read more about Columna Cura

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