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15 Nordic companies in health and care technology are investing in the German market

When the large German health fair Altenpflege opens in March 2020, 15 Nordic are participating in a joint exhibition – the Aveneo. The companies are all part of the Nordic project, Digital Health & Care 4.0, which aims to bring Nordic health and care technology into the German market. Meet Norwegian Bano and Danish Otiom, who have high expectations for this years Altenpflege.

The challenges in the German health sector – from a Nordic perspective

How does a 'Nordic health and care model' fit into the German health sector and what challenges - and opportunities - do companies have in the German market? 

Germany has one of the fastest-growing populations in Europe with an increasing number of citizens over the age of 65. Along with rising healthcare spending and an acute shortage of caregivers, the country is calling for reforms and increased efficiency through digitalization and other intelligent care technologies.

The payment model in the German healthcare system has not previously favoured digital healthcare, and the market is therefore classified as a 'growing market'. This creates favourable opportunities for Nordic companies who want to enter international markets.

The opportunities for Nordic companies - what can they offer?

Over the past decade, the Nordic countries have invested heavily in the innovation of new products and technology-based care solutions. The solutions include e-health, health programs, artificial intelligence, intelligent logistics, automation, etc.

The health care and welfare models in the Nordic countries are very similar, and technology-based care is seen as an important element for the care, welfare and quality of life for the elderly and citizens with disabilities. The Nordic countries are also strong in health innovation and have good experience with PPI - Public-Private Innovation.

A Nordic-German cluster cooperation

6 Nordic clusters collaborate with the German cluster, the Gesundheitswirtshaft Hannover. Through various activities in both the Nordic and Germany, the parties are working to improve the efficiency of the German healthcare and healthcare sector through digitalization and intelligent technologies.

Through networks and insight into matching Nordic solutions with German needs and challenges, the opportunities for collaboration - both between Nordic companies and between Nordic and German companies - are strengthened. Altenpflege and the joint Nordic exhibition is one of the activities in the Nordic-German cluster cooperation. 

Exciting opportunities in the German market

Danish Otiom is one of the 15 exhibitors at the joint Nordic exhibition at Altenpflege. Otiom sees Germany as a market with many exciting opportunities and hope to help solve the challenges facing the German health system over the next few years.

 - We attended Altenpflege in 2018, where we got in touch with two new German distributors of our intelligent NB-IoT 'dementia tracker'. For us, Altenpflege is THE PLACE, if you want to enter the German health and care market. In fact, the European market in general, says Ricki Toftelund, COO of Otiom. - We have a special focus on Germany because we see a huge potential and opportunity introducing our digital solution. We are very interested in meeting new distributors, organizations and nursing homes from both Germany and other countries.

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Meet the 15 companies at the Nordic exhibition

Facts about Altenpflege in Hannover, Germany

  • 27,042 visitors
  • 2% share of trade visitors
  • 4 % level of involvement in purchasing decisions
  • 673 exhibitors
  • 1% of visitors with managerial responsibilities

Digital Health & Care 4.0 is supported by Nordic Innovationand the Nordic Prime Ministers under the Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges Initiative. The project runs from 28.08.2018 - 31.03.2020.

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Welfare Tech is​ co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and The European Regional Development Fund.

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