Unexpected corona boost to Danish health technology

When Life-Partners made its eHealth platform Life-Manager free of charge during the corona crises, the company did not foresee the massive interestest the product received. Without warning, the request for the company's services to grow explosively. Life-Partners, which had expected a difficult time, are now repaying economic-aid package and report on increased sales.

Many industries face difficult times due to the corona crises. But some have actually experienced increased demand and financial prosperity. Tech companies and virtual meeting platforms have made the headlines, but it is not just the Chinese and American tech giants who managed to deliver.

Danish Life-Partners, based in Southern Jutland, has increased customer access by more than 50% in just three months. Collaboration with existing customers has also increased, and the company has even had a breakthrough abroad, directly as a result of the global pandemic.

- The background is sad, and we would have liked to be without it. We thought we should fight the same survival battle as everyone else, but it turned out that our product was tailor-made for the corona situation. We could both ease the pressure on the care sector, reduce infection and maintain contact during isolation. That's why we chose to give our platform away – free of charge. We would not make money on the situation, says Bo Høvedsgaard Iversen, CEO of Life-Partners.

An eye-opener for the market

Life-Partners has not demanded payment for their solution during the corona pandemic - nor agreements once the crisis is over. Still, several new users have chosen to sign a contract. Some even outside of Denmark.

- We feel that the care sector has experienced the potential of a reliable digital tool during the current epidemic but also recognise the benefits of the platform. This way, the critic situation has served as an eye-opener in the market. We now supply to a large part of the Danish care sector, but we have also gained a foothold in, for example, the UK, says Bo Høvedsgaard Iversen.

Among the new users with whom Life-Partners has made agreements are Aarhus, Esbjerg, Køge, Ringsted and Kerteminde municipalities as well as several private and public care providers in the UK.

Payback of support packages

When Denmark locked down mid-March 2020, Life-Partners began preparing for a bleak future and send in applications for public economic support packages. However, the surprising success has meant that every penny is now repaid.

- We do not yet know if the crisis is over. We made Life-Manager available to help, especially the Danish healthcare system. We want to continue this until the corona crisis is over. And while we don't earn a penny on our free users, the technology itself and our implementation method have proven worthwhile. It promises good for our future, and for Danish eHealth in general, says Bo Høvedsgaard Iversen.

Read more about Life-Partners: www.da.life-partners.com

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Image: Life-Partners.

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