How does the coronavirus affect Welfare Tech?

Due to the coronavirus COVID-19 Welfare Tech take extra precautions and follow the development and the directions of the Danish health authorities carefully. See here how it affect our activities.

Welfare Tech follows the Danish authorities' recommendations regarding the coronavirus COVID-19. Our offices in Odense and Copenhagen are temporally closed. However, you can still get hold of our us by virtual meetings, telephone or email. 

All our events during the lockout are postponed or turned into virtual meetings. If you have signed up for a Welfare Tech event, you will be notified directly.

If you have booked a meeting room at Welfare Tech in Odense or Copenhagen, we have to cancel your booking. The persons concerned will be notified directly.

You can expect that

  • During the lockout, the offices in Odense and Copenhagen will be closed
  • You can continue to meet with Welfare Tech-consultants virtually, by phone or by mail
  • During the lockout, all Welfare Tech events are postponed or turned into virtual meetings
  • We monitor the situation closely and will act on the recommendations of the Danish authorities
  • You will be notified directly if you have signed up for a Welfare Tech event that is postponed, cancelled or converted into a virtual meeting
  • Bookings in Welfare Tech's meeting rooms will be cancelled. You will be notified directly

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Welfare Tech

Strategic communication and marketing

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