Going Global: How to expand your business internationally

The current travel bans means new forms of international activities. Get an overview of all Welfare Tech's current offers. Whether it is the Nordic countries, Germany, Scotland, or the US that catches your interest, you’ll be sure to gain something new.

Since the first corona restrictions were introduced in March 2020, Welfare Tech has engaged over 1,170 players with an interest in foreign markets. 23 different international events have been held and we will continue unabated.

New types of events, such as Booster Boards, which give you as a company a voice, have been added. It is important for us to offer a stature where companies get time to speak and the opportunity to get feedback on their particular product and business strategy.

The typical questions we hear from companies applying abroad are:

  • How do we take the first step into the market?
  • What should we pay special attention to when we want to expand into this particular market?
  • And what access strategies are there?

You will get the answers to questions like these - and many others – by attending the events below.

For you who interested in the USA!

We are ready with a virtual, corona-friendly innovation camp to Boston under the headline: "Patient Autonomy and Optimization of Cares".

The virtual innovation camp in Boston runs over four separate days between the 15th and 30th of September 2021. If you are interested in participating, you can express your interest by making a preliminary registration here.

Read more about the camp and sign up for Innovation camp Boston 2021 here

If you are in doubt about whether the innovation camp is relevant for you, you can take advantage of the virtual offers aimed at the American market, which are already available.

They will give you a complete overview of the structure of the American healthcare system, what the ecosystem in Boston offers a Danish company, and how you raise capital, make a business strategy, and take into account the regulatory requirements in the USA.

The webinars are facilitated by a range of forward-thinking experts who will prepare you for the United States and give you a good starting point for participating in the innovation camp.

Watch the 3 introductory webinars on the US healthcare system

If you want to extend your knowledge, you can dive into the more niche activities:

A workshop on how to raise capital in the United States

A panel discussion on proof of concept

A webinar on US regulations

For you, who are interested in Germany!

Both the Danish and German healthcare sectors are challenged as a result of demographic developments. A growing elderly population, changed treatment requirements, and a shortage of staff is putting pressure on healthcare services. It requires new thinking and in both Denmark and Germany technologies and digitization are seen as part of the solution.

Even though Denmark is far smaller than Germany, we are an attractive supplier of exactly these solutions in terms of our proactive approach to technology and digitalization. Nevertheless, it seems difficult for many small and medium-sized Danish companies to get into the German market - and really gain a foothold and success.

A new report provides a quick overview of the differences between the Danish and German healthcare systems. Gain a basic understanding of the two systems and their economic basis by reading the report.

Click here and download the report

If you are a Danish company, have a good grasp of the domestic market and are interested in Germany, you should sign up for the Hannover Booster Board: A virtual platform where you, together with 3-5 other companies, get the opportunity to pitch your product in front of an expert panel from Germany. The experts will give you feedback on your pitch and answers to your questions regarding the care and hospital sector in Germany.

Read more and sign up for the Hannover Booster Board (4 - 6 May 2021, 9:00 - 12:20)

For you who are interested in the Nordic countries!

The Nordic countries are at the forefront of digital and technological health solutions - and among the first in the world to have taken health and welfare technology seriously. For many Danish companies, the Nordic countries are a strategic focal point.

Watch or rewatch the webinar series, which will provide you knowledge about the Nordic markets for health and welfare technology through presentations from key players who convey valuable facts and cases for inspiration.

You will gain knowledge about the structure of the Nordic countries' health systems and hear how you sell and create new relations to the various players in the markets. Furthermore, cases about the digitization of healthcare services are highlighted, which are completely new in the wake of the challenges due to COVID-19.

- “A good, short, and accurate webinar, which provided good knowledge about Norway. I can recommend using the 35-40 minutes, as it gives a good picture of the market in question and subsequently contacts the experts via the online network if you want to take a closer look at some approaches on getting into the market. Definitely recommendable.
Per Østergård Jensen, Regional Sales Manager, EffiMat Storage Technology A / S

The webinar series consists of four webinars - one focusing on each of the countries: Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

Get insight into the Nordic market - read more and sign up here

At the time of writing, 12 Nordic Booster Boards are being held, which allow Nordic companies to receive concrete feedback on their product and business strategy. All Booster Boards are booked, but stay tuned to Welfaretech.dk, where we announce new offers aimed at the Nordic markets.

You can also sign up for our internationalization list and receive offers aimed at foreign markets directly in your mailbox.

Yes please, sign me up for the internationalization list

For you who are interested in Scotland!

Scotland faces many of the same challenges as Denmark, including an aging population. Along with rising healthcare costs and an urgent shortage of healthcare staff, Scotland is demanding reforms and improvements in efficiency through digitalization and smart-care technology.

The Scottish healthcare system is not favored by digital healthcare to the same extent as in Denmark. Therefore, Scotland is a 'growing market' for digital healthcare technology. And a favorable opportunity for Danish companies seeking to expand into international markets.

Watch 3 webinars on the Scottish market:

Webinar 1 will give you an initial understanding of the health structure of Scotland, and knowledge of current health challenges and priorities.

Watch webinar 1

Webinar 2 will provide you with insight into the opportunities for collaboration and advice from knowledge institutions in Dundee. You’ll also get a first-hand success story from Scott Cunningham when he talks about the journey from academic spin-out to global business.

Watch webinar 2

Webinar 3 will give you an insight into how Scottish companies provide healthcare solutions to NSS (National Services Scotland) in various ways. They’ll provide you with bits of advice from their journey into the Scottish healthcare market.

Watch webinar 3

If the above arouses your interest, you should keep a close eye on welfaretech.dk, where we soon will be announcing Scottish Booster Boards. If you are already well-established in the Danish market, you, together with 3-5 other companies, can have the opportunity to pitch your product in front of an expert panel from Scotland. The panel includes experts who will give you feedback on your pitch and your marketing strategy. The Scottish Booster Boards will be held in late April 2021.

Image: Pixabay.

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