Video presentations of products, collaborations and innovation activities from the Welfare Tech network.

Why is Welfare Tech important?

Welfare Tech create, maintain and develop the right framework for co-creation in the field of health and care technology. Hear what companies, public organisations and research and knowledge institutions gain from the collaboration.

What does Welfare Tech do?

Welfare Tech works to develop business and create networks for better service, more quality of life and higher efficiency in society. Hear what our member say about working with us.

New Danish Hospitals

Through public-private partnerships, Danish companies have gained great knowledge about innovative hospital construction.


The Case of Denmark

Innovation Introduction to Danish healthcare expertise and the solutions that make the Danish healthcare system one of the most modern and efficient in the world.


Explore our Region

The Region of Southern Denmark inspire innovation, and transform knowledge into action.

Feel the future in Living Lab Denmark

Cross-disciplinary collaboration on healthIT and healthy ageing.

Innovation in eHealth

Innovation in eHealth helps patients and healthcare professionals.


ButlerBot: The Robot is Your Servant

The Danish Technological Institute creates new options for the disabled.

Bestic: Helping Patients to Eat on Their Own

The Careware company introduces Bestic the robot.


Curaga: QR-Codes to Aid Memory 

Curaga develops an app for people with mild dementia.

Daintel: Better Intensive Care with IT

Daintel enjoys success with the Critical Information System CIS.

ISpace: Room for Play and Laughter

ISpace from Team Online boosts the motivation of the intellectually disabled.


KEN A/S: New Standards for Hygiene

KEN creates innovative solutions for hospitals.

Linak: The Intelligent Bed

Linak develops products for the nursing care sector of the future.

Teccluster: Treatment of Wounds in 3D

Teccluster coming up with an advanced scanner.

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